Rear Seat – Full Size


SK603 – Rear Seat for Full-Size and Mid-Size Cars

This 2 piece tapered bench was designed for many rear seats that are taller than bench seats found in trucks and SUV’s. These flare out wider at the base for maximum protection. The width at the top is 54″ across and tapers out to 66″. measuring 28″ tall in height for the back rest. The seat portion is 61″ wide and 22″ deep (from front edge to meets the backrest).

The separate pieces give greater flexibility to fit your seat more appropriately as well as allowing seats that have built in seat belts to remain functional.

  • Heavy weight material protects seats against spills, stains, tearing and pet hair
  • Fit’s well on almost all seats
  • Won’t interfere with seat belts or side air bags
  • Non slip backing fastens securely
  • Install in seconds
  • Stylish and Waterproof

Vehicle examples: Camry, Accord, Impala, Maxima, Genesis, Lexus, etc.

Available in 2 Colors: Tan or Grey (not available in Black)

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Many times the rear seat becomes the storage shelf for many of our items not to mention placing luggage and other large items on for transport.

This rear SeatKeeper is designed to fit most full and mid-size rear seats with ease.  The unique design enables use for seat belts with safety features such as Side Impact airbags and Integrated Seat Belts.
Specially designed attachments are included to be used if and when they are needed to help secure the edges of your SeatKeeper or for more permanent use.
This SeatKeeper design offers you the best protection with the simplest of installation.
(not recommended for SUV’s)

  • Non-Slip backing. Our most prominent feature is the non-skid backing. We tested many backings to find the one that was best suited for staying in place, even on most leather or vinyl seats. This reduces the need for securing cumbersome straps.
  • Water Resistant/Strong. A strong and durable PVC coated fabric guards against those mishaps and unavoidable messes one might encounter.
  • Padding between the layers for comfort and design, yet not too bulky for easy storage.
  • On and Off in Seconds. No hassles, just place the cover on the seat, secure as needed, and you’re protected.
  • Extra Features. Specially designed additional attachments are included to be used if and when they are needed to help secure the edges of your SeatKeeper if needed or desired.

Installation Tips:

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 14 in

Grey, Tan


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