Standard Bucket Seat Cover

Standard Bucket Seat Cover – Fits on Most Bucket Seats in Cars, Trucks, and SUV’s


Pet claw damage and dirt are avoided by the PVC coated canvas material which cleans up easily on thes standard bucket seat cover. It’s a similar material to that found on backpacks. The cover is also thick enough to not bunch up, yet pliable enough to be comfortable to sit on.

Strong and durable nonslip backing on the underside meets the challenge of the cover not sliding and slipping out of place. In nearly every car, the SeatKeeper can be quickly placed on the seat with ease. Very little strapping is needed, and usually just for the back portion of the seat. Gravity is the culprit.

Installs so easy!

I also designed, and included, a fastening system to work on nearly every seat, and nearly every situation. You can anchor it to the seat as much, or as little as you feel is warranted. We know you’ll agree that the SeatKeeper standard bucket seat cover will be exactly what you’re looking for as a quick and easy solution.

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Our SeatKeeper seat covers protect your upholstery. Muddy dog paws, child seats, accidental spills, or hauling items that are sometimes sharp or messy and lead to stains or damage. SeatKeeper seat covers will save your seats. Cars, Trucks, SUV’s all need seat covers to protect your seat upholstery.

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