Specialty Back Seat Bench Covers

Your Upholstery getting dirty is inevitable…. or is it?

Back seats often become cargo carriers in our cars and trucks. Our precious cargo of kids and car seats, dog children, casserole dishes, that great and unexpected yard sale find, all have the potential of causing some regret. Protecting your vehicles upholstery will leave you feeling confident and assured.  Keep your Back Seat clean with these heavy-duty, high-quality, easy to use SeatKeeper. These Backseat bench Seat Covers will pay for themselves many times over from detailing or repairing your upholstery. Plus, they’re so easy, you’ll actually use it.

Covering the bottom corners!

Back seats are sometimes more comfortable due to how they contour and flare out where the backrest meets the sitting portion. Most seat covers that are not custom-made (and expensive) are cut with square edges. The SK600 series SeatKeeper was designed for just this purpose. The entire seat is now protected. Examine your seat, if it flares at the base, you may want this cover.

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