The FitRite line of seat covers began back in 1983. We take pride that our covers use high grade materials and strive for the best looking and fitting covers available anywhere.
With FitRite Covers, we believe that offering quality products is our number one priority. From seat covers to customer support services, we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible value we can offer. It is this commitment that has allowed us to gain and maintain our leadership position in the seat cover and automotive accessories industry. We truly appreciate your business.


We were frequently being asked for a cover that can be taken on and off instantly, is strong and durable, and doesn’t slide around. We then designed the SeatKeeper to fulfill that need.

Our customers have loved the SeatKeeper and said it is just what they have been looking for. Great for pets, sports, people who work or play outdoors, their kids, and basically all the messier things that go along with most lifestyles. We designed the SeatKeeper using high grade materials to be sure it is great value for everyone and truly protects the seats.
Here are some of the features that make the SeatKeeperTM so convenient and desirable for our customers:
Non Slip Backing prevents sliding
Doesn’t interfere with Side Impact Airbags
Water Proof
Easy Installation and removal
Washable for maximum convenience and cleanliness
Commercial grade materials make the SeatKeeper as tough as it is useful
On our 2 newest designs, we have included a FREE bag of attachments for those who wish to leave the SeatKeeper in place most of the time. Good quality, easy protection that pays for itself many times over.
Design Features
Non-Slip backing.
Our most prominent feature is the non-skid backing. We tested many backings to find the one that was best suited for staying put, even on leather or vinyl seats. Making the need for straps often unneeded.
Water Resistant/Strong
We then chose a tough and durable PVC coated fabric to guard against the toughest of messes one might encounter.

Easy installation with or without straps
Durable and Comfortable
Will not interfere with side air bags
Work with most existing seat belt systems
Water resistant and durable
Non-slip backing

On and Off in Seconds. We designed a unique netting strip to be used, (ORIGINAL STYLE ONLY) to help secure the SeatKeeper using your existing heard rests or you could use the small loops found along the inside edges (ORIGINAL STYLE ONLY) to add a tie down and additionally fasten wherever the need for extra stability exists.
The padding was calculated for comfort and design, yet not too bulky for easy storage.
Near Perfect Fit. With the vast array of vehicle types and sizes available today, we knew that “one size doesn't fit all”. That’s why we designed a few unique styles and sizes to give you that near perfect fit to suit “your” needs.
SeatKeeper ToolKit:
Our latest design has a velcro-style fastening system allowing the user to attach included securing devices to suit almost ALL vehicle configurations. Our unique system gives the greatest flexibility of any other seat cover in allowing you to control how and where to anchor down your SeatKeeper when desired.